Can’t install Operating System due to a drivers problem?

Slipstream to V1803

Hello All- I was going over some web pages and I stumbled across an old slipstream tool I used to use to load service packs into old RTM media or Drivers for Vendors whose drivers are not part of the windows install for the hardware.

The site used to be called Nlite, then Vlite, then NTlite and maybe a few more iterations. The cool thing about NTlite is it has apparently been coded to work up to windows 10 (2016), up to version 1803.

So be forewarned, I have not done any slip streaming lately. This used to work back in the day. I can vouch for the history; nothing more.

However, If you have that problem customer with the s100 software raid controller, I can promise you burning a DVD with the driver slipped in, will save him on the day the OS doesn’t start. I am just giving you a preview to the future. If you don’t use this, you will have a very sad day on the day your S100 gives out on your Operating System.

I hope this helps!


Louis O Pedia


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